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I LOVE HIM!! HES OHH SO AMAZING!! [20 Nov 2005|02:17pm]
[ mood | I LOVE HIM!! 2 MONTHS!! YAY!! ]

Hello there gorgeous;;
wow. i havent been on this in freaking forever!! ill try to get on it more. im extremly sorry for not ever updating. but nothing really has been going on. TODAY HOWEVER!! IS THE 20TH!! MEANING THAT ITS BEEN 2 MONTHS!! im so happy i love him so much. hes amazing && my perfection!! but last night was lauras bday not much happened but some drama. long storys lets just say my gma is not in the best mood today. uughh that sucks becuase then i get yelled at. for really nothing. && yes only 2 1/2 days of school then a 5 day weekend.!! cant wait!! espeacilly for thanksgiving. i LOVE the pumpkin pie tee hee. well next year if i finish this year at southeast good i get to go to palmetto!! YES!! im so excited for that. if you ever want to hang out just let me know!! im me or email me or call me or go to my myspace. www.myspace.com/ohhsogorgeouss . i love you lots . ♥Bri

&& By the way even though ive said it before
Griffin is my world. i lvoe him so much. && couldnt ask for anyone better. SINCE there is NO ONE!! i will love him with all my heart always and forever!!

it is real

I LOVE SARAH!! [20 Sep 2005|07:44pm]

iloveyou--> loveBri
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[20 Sep 2005|06:36pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I am finally over him,, not saying ill ever forget him or not love him btu im over him,, I have a BRAND NEW LOVE <3 tee-hee,, Well nothing else has happened our school homecoming is coming up but I doubht I am going to it,, I dont think ill even go to their homecoming game but I am going to go to palmettos homecoming game!! they better win!! well I am also going to Palmettos powder puff game,,and Jayma is the QB!! SHE IS GOING TO KICK ASS LOL I LOVE HER SHE ROCKS and also I wanted to give this shout out because I think it's completely adorable,,


I love that girl she is my b.f.f.e.a.e

iloveyou also !!

call me someitme 5 2 6//3 5 4 2

x o <3 Bri

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never felt so bad [07 Aug 2005|06:48pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

ive never felt so bad m y entire life. Last night when I got online I checked my mail and saw I had one from Brandon, I was so happy I couldnt stop smiling just becuase I saw he emailed me. Well I hoped the mail and after reading the first sentence I couldnt breath and was in shock. He broke up with me. I broke down in tears and got so sick I was throwing up and couldnt stop shaking. I tryed calling him but he never answered my calls and I emailed him twice but he read and never replied them. I dont know what to do I love him so much and I am still crying. I have never ever felt worse my entire life and I cant g4et mad at him I am just upset and wish he would take it all back but he wont and it hurts so bad. Everyone says its his lose but really I feel terrible and dont care if it was or not I still love him so much and I know that Ive lost something to. I cant believe I trusted him when he said I love you and I cant believe even more I want to belive it and dont want to believe any of this happened. I dont know what to do about it I can try to go on like nothing is wrong and be myself but it wont work because I dont feel like anyhting, I dont feel like laughing or eating or sleeping and espeacilly not goign to scholl tomorrow. I dont want to go to school ever again but Idk. It just really sucks! Because I did love him and I still do. I know we could make it work but I guess that doenst mean anything. well I dont have much more to say.

<3 Brianna Lyn

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late night update [02 Aug 2005|12:01am]
[ mood | crazy ]

I went to orientationand saw some kid I went to elementary school w/ haha it was so funny he was so uugghh aww thats mean but ohh well who cares,, well then we got our pictures taken and it looked like I was naked because my hiar cover my straps haha same w/ Ali okay we may sound concieted but seriously we like were the only cutee ones there there was like 2m other girls who where okay but not as cute as us and then there wasnt like any cute guys that I saw hehe I hope I got fashion and design and I hope me and Ali have some classes together!! we better haha!! And we are trying out for vollyball and cheerleading yay! so if we dont make vollyball well have a chance at doing cheerleading and vus versa well then I came home and called some lil kid and told him his g/f cheated on him haha and yahh i am a undercover hero haha and thats about it now im talkin got timmy! and his "8" year old friend haha ! Hes awesome I love him to death even though he got me craving fruitloops and he got that stupid fat kid show song stuck in my head lol well I will update tomorrow If I remember or If I am reminded. I love You cupcake!
<3 Bri

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today i..open house tonight!! i get to see ali!! shes awesome!! [01 Aug 2005|04:07pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Hello gorgeous one;;
today I woke up @ 1 oclock. I got online for a bit. Then @ about 2:30 3o clock I went and toke a relaxing bath. I then took a refreashing shower haha I sound so grown up and then went and got online some more. It is now 4:09 and I am going to work on my summer assingments which are almost completed. @ around 5 I will turn on the t.v to watch Gilmore girls and smallville. Afterwards and during commericals I will be getting ready for Open house @ which I will see my new school (highschool) yay! and then see one awesomr person Ali and maybe get my schedule I do not know what they have planned. After open house I plan on going to Sonic to get a cherry/chocolate shake mm I invented it and it is rather intriging hehe. When I finally return home I will Get online for a bit. Then @ 8 o clock I will watch the new Wildfire episode and @ 10 I will watch the New Laguna Beach Episode. I will remain signed online until I feel I need some sleep. My phone will be and is on me @ all times! I hope you decide to call me, even if just to show some love. However, keep in mind my week is empty, If you wold wish to fill a slot in my ohh so busy schedule haha just let me know! Well, I am updateing because one lovely person, Jayma, reminded me isnt she wonderful!! I will be going now since there is not much more to update. I love you cupcake!
I love Brandon!

x o
<3 Bri

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schedule [31 Jul 2005|08:44pm]
[ mood | bored ]

  • Today: Stayed home did much of nothing except work on summer assingments and sat at home hoping to be called or imed or emailed by anyone, went to beach and went out to eat w/ my Grandma and Uncle Mike, I am now sitting at home now hoping somebody will either call me or get online and im me!! LI>


  • Tomorrow: Finish Summer assingments, work out maybe or tan or something, then go to Open house @ Southeast a lil layterr, come home and get online I guess!


  • Tuesday: Still open I am not sure what I am doing call me if you want to hang out!!


  • Wednesday: Same as above


  • Thursday: Same as above


  • Friday: Same as above


  • Saturday: Same as above


  • Sunday: same as above
By the way I had to edit this entry so I wouldnt look as much as an idiot lol cyndi is the best ever!! I love her so much hehe she always saves me from feeling bad!!

I may ride my horse sometime this week I do not know yet!! it all depends on you and if you want to hang out so let me know!!

If you would like to contact me my number is 5 2 6 - 3 5 4 2 or 1 6 1 * 1 9 6 8 3 5 * 2 my s/n is xxsexiibrexx and email is xxsexiibrexx@aol.com,, another s/n to im is x0falling fast0x those are zero's not o's!! you should already know all this but if some some reason you have lost the information or something here it is!! My week is pretty much open and I strongly feel we should hang out!! I love you!!
x o ily <3 Bri

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hayy lovely [29 Jul 2005|01:24pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I havent updated in a while sorry but i am looking for something to do tonight call me and let me know if you want to hang out!! I havent done much i went to the movies last night w/ laura and we saw cameron and some kid idk his name nobody else was there and I am so bored otherwise ive just been either tanning or sitting around the house! well thats about it!
I love Brandon!
and cyndi and Jayma you guys are the best! ily

<3 Brianna Lyn

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i hate the orthodontics [22 Jul 2005|08:29pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

okay i so hate the orthodontics because I went there today and now they said again they don't know when ill get my braces off beecause they are still closing up to spaces and uugghh they firstsaid they will only be on for 2 years its been 3 and then they said they will be off by febuary of last year they said that and then they said well have them off before school starts this year ahh and they wont and im very irratated with them!! I went and saw my sister Stephine's newborn baby girl Makayla she is so freakin cute you wouldn't believe!! and I tried to ide a skateboard and sadly failed I couldn't even go 2 feet without falling off lol my 5 year old nephew can skate way better than me that's pretty sad hehe well again I am updating because I was reminded by the wonderful Jayma she freakin rocks! lol well I am going to the Brandon mall tomorrow and Idk what I am doing tomorrow night!! hopefully somethign fun so people call me!!
and that's about it I also am almost done with all my summer assingments yay! well I don't have much more to add! I love Brandon so much and miss him a ton!! he seriously means the world to me!
x o ilysfm <3 Brianna Lyn

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hump hump...lol sweet song [21 Jul 2005|04:00pm]
[ mood | I miss Brandon ]

well i havent done anything today..but sat online.. well I am only updateing because Jayma reminded me earlier haha well I am goign to the mall layterr and then to books a million to get the book I need for my last summer assingment lol.. my face is peeling nad it hurts.. well I miss Brandon so much! I can't wait till he comes back! but I don't have much more to say!
I love Brandon so freaking much it's crazy ! He's my everything!
I love you Jayma thank you for reminding me to update lol! ck

Stormans Rocks!! I wanna go back!!

make it vibrate..5 2 6 - 3 5 4 2 !!
x o <3 Bri

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funn funn [20 Jul 2005|04:45pm]
[ mood | bored ]

sorry I havent updated in a while.
well sunday night I went to Laura tadros and we went to sonic and it as so funny laura hit the button and the girl said hello im amanda can i like tke your order so laura was like yahh can i have like 2 jr banana splits but she kept cracking up so she couldnt finish her sentence nad then the girl was like press the button when your ready and me jayma nad laura h. and laura t were all like were ready idk you had to be there then we went to st. pete to her cousins i think idk and then we woke up early monday morning to go to adventure islands and we stayed there till like 7 we meet up with caleb and william there. We stayed in the lazy river like all day though and they took off my bikini top like 3 times and were throwing it back and forth but they gave it back lol then we went to stormans it was fun but it was supeer hot in there.. after that we went back to laura t.s and chilled till like 4 when me and jayma went to sleep but laura h went to sleep at like 2 uughh .. the next morning we woke up and went to laura h's were i slept like all day then went home aat like 6:30.. now it's today and im supeer bored with nothing to do!! well I want to go to stormans again that was fun!! nothing much else to say ill update later.. by the way I got burnt on my shoulders, back and facce and it hurts like a bitch!! call me sometime!
x o ily <3 Bri

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i miss brandon [09 Jul 2005|12:45am]
[ mood | sad ]

I am kinda sad because I miss Brandon! I hope he is having a fun time though! I love him alot! I love you guys to and hope all of you are having a blast! leave me some love! x o ilu <3 Bri

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me and cyndi are the baddest bitches ever! [08 Jul 2005|08:11pm]
[ mood | angry ]

okay everyone let me tell ya me and cyndi rOcK! we are the baddest bitches! nobody can get awway with anything with us! they can try but not suceed for one we are sykick! and for two we read minds and 3 we are so smart we know everything! and we can totally kkick anyones ass so they better recognize and back off lol! we are also the best planners ever! YES! I love ya girl! we ROCK!

People think they are smart but in reality they are dumb! (dedicated)
I can't stand copiers or liars! (dedicated)
I also don't like people who start shit or think they are innocent ( dedicated)

<3 One of the baddest bitches! lol

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muahhahahhahah [30 Jun 2005|10:26am]
[ mood | stressed ]

well mine and cyndi's plan fell through!! :( don't worry girl we will come up with a better one! or a way to fix that one! it will work out in the end! muahahahahah lol I am sitting at my cousins getting ready to go get my horse and ride her because I need to so i can get ready for the rodeo monday you should go it would be fun! lol I will kick ass and win just for all of you and then we can all go shopping lol! im a dork but yahh I am so bored I wish it would stop raining! ahh It's always so wet out now! what is someone to do?? haha well I dont have much more to say to go to my user info or friends page or website its the hearts on the sides just click them for those of you who dont know! the top one on both sides is my user info the next one on both sides is my friends oage the next one on both sides is the calender and the next ones on bithe sides are my website which is myspace! well I dont have anythign else to say call me biocth ! 5 2 6 - 3 5 4 2 or 1 6 1 * 1 9 6 8 3 5 ! ilusfm gorgeous;; <3 Brianna Lyn

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kick ass [29 Jun 2005|10:13pm]
[ mood | confused ]

well Ive been spending time with my horse la8ly because Im running at the arcadia rodeo monday july 4th and I wanna win! lol! Laura is goign to shes going to kick ass to! we rock! lol ! This summer has been a little boring we should hang out! there has been alot of family drama with me though! ahh I hate that! but yahh sometimes I feel so confused Idk just certain things bother me that I wish I could change or help or do something about that I cant and it just upsets me! well dont have much more to say call me some time biotch! p.s cyndi and griffin should hook back up! and I really miss Brandon I hopehe's having fun! x o 5 2 6 - 3 5 4 2 or 1 6 1 * 1 9 6 8 3 5 * 2 ilu baby cakes! <3 Brianna Lyn

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premade layouts [29 Jun 2005|07:43pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

_premadelayouts: a layout community

x o <3 Brianna Lyn

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do this biotches! [23 Jun 2005|08:52pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Would you?
mark it with an X if you'll do it!!
would you...

[_] go out with me?
[_] give me your number? (_ _ _) _ _ _- _ _ _ _
[_] kiss me?
[_] let me kiss you?
[_] watch a movie with me?
[_] take me out to dinner?
[_] let me drive you somewhere
[_] cut some rug with me?
[_] take a shower with me?
[_] be my bf/gf?
[_] have a fling with me?
[_] let me buy you a drink?
[_] buy me a drink?
[_] take me home for the night?
[_] let me sleep in your bed?
[_] Sing car karaoke w/ me?
[_] re-post this for me to answer your questions?
[_] give me a piggyback ride?
[_] Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere
[_] Lock me in your room and take advantage of me?
[_] lick my cheek?
[_] dance with me?
[_] let me make you breakfast?
[_] help me with homework?
[_] tickle me to death?
[_] let me tickle you?
[_] stick up for me if i was being put down?
[_] play strip poker with me?
[_] say yes if i asked you out?
[_] get wasted with me?
[_] instant message me?
[_] greet me in public?
[_] hang out with me?
[_] bring me around your friends?

D0 Y0U...
[_] think im cute?
[_] think im hot?
[_] want to kiss me?
[_] want to cuddle wit me?
[_] want to hook up with me?
[_] want to have sex with me?
[_] aquintences?
[_] friends?
[_] in a relationship?
[_] gonna have kids?

AM i...
[_] smart?
[_] cute?
[_] funny?
[_] cool?
[_] loveable?
[_] adorable?
[_] compassionate?
[_] annoying?
[_] great to be with?
[_] attractive?
[_] mean?
[_] odd?

[_] thought about me?
[_] thought there might be an "us"?
[_] thought about hookin up with me?
[_] found yourself wanting a kiss from me?
[_] wished i were there?
[_] grabbed me?
[_] had a crush on me?
[_] idolized me?
[_] wanted my number?
[_] had a dream about me?
[_] been distracted by me?
[_] wanted to have sex with me?

ARE Y0U...
[_] done with this survey?
[_] happy you know me?
[_] mad at me?
[_] thinkin bout me?
[_] going to repost this so that i will return the favor

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hayy cupake! [22 Jun 2005|12:10pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

omg Laura was additioning for this play peterpan and she didnt want to go audition byherself so I said id go and just watch but they casted me as little john some character that is robin's friend! ahh and I have to go practice this stupoid thing but ahahahaha laura has to too because she is assitant director! but anyways now I gotta be in that play saturaday night at 7 pm and sunday at 11am and 2 pm but at the end im goign to be like what?? ookay! yeah! like da rapper and they cant do anythign to me because it wil be too late hehe. I am so bored rigt now ! I miss Brandon too! I havent head from him in a whiile it sucks! well I love you guys all so much! call me sometime ! 5 2 6 - 3 5 4 2 or 1 6 1 * 1 9 6 8 3 5 * 2 ! ex ohh ex ohh <3 Bri

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crying [18 Jun 2005|07:50pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

it sucks when the only person that can make you stop crying is the one who mad you start!

it's awful when you love someone and your not sure if they truly love you back! It's the worst feeling in the world when you have the person your crazy in love with and you feel like your losing them!

I love you baby so much! You don't understand how you make me feel ! I could be in the worst mood ever or crying histarcly and just seeing your picture or s/n or hearing your name makes me smile! When you hug me I want it to last forever and I can't possilby ever be mad at you no matter how hard I try! I love you baby so much you mean the world to me! ex ohh ex ohh!

<3 bri

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14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 [15 Jun 2005|11:55am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

fourteen good songs(in no particular order)
14.Perfect*Simple Plan
13.Farewell to a Friendship*a Change of Pace
12.Dare you to Move*Switchfoot
11.Ocean Avenue*Yellowcard
10.This Love*Maroon 5
08.Graduation*Vitamin C
07.I'll be seeing you*Billy Holiday
06.Hollaback Girl*Gwen Stefani
05.Incomplete*Backstreet Boys (shut up I like the song)
04.My Boo*Usher
03.Addicted to you*Simple Plan
02.Strawberry Wine*Deana Carter
01.We belong together*Mariah Carey (even though I dislike her)

thirteen things I wanna do
13. Bungee Jump
12. Sing for you! haha ohh boy!
11. Jump off a boat into water!
10. go camping
09. go hunting
08. go see finding nemo on ice!
07. go fishing
06. drink orange juice upside down without getting it up my nose
05. go rock wall climbing!
04. dress up like a orange soda can!
03. restore my Grandpa's truck (but I can't it's gone now!)
02. go mudding
01. go tanning more

twelve great friends(in no particular order)
01.all of you!

eleven things about me
11.Im a Brunette
10.Im 5'4
09.Im fourteen
08.I love my horse Topaz
07.I love you
06.My favorite colors are baby blue and pink
05.I eat banana's
04.I sing all the time but am no good at it
03.I love showers!
02.waterfights are fun
01.sometimes rain is fun

ten super fun words to say(no particular order)
06.polka dots

nine ugly no fun words(no particular order)
08.any cuz word their ugly
01.hello (unless you put a twist on it)

eight favorite foods(no particular order)
06.mashed potato's
05.ice cream

seven un fun things to do
07.go to the hospital
06.be home alone
04.pee in a cup
02.drop your phone in a lake
01.hurt youself or get hurt

six awesome movies
06.The Notebook!!!!!!!
05.Million dollar baby
04.Too Fast Too Furious
02.How to Deal
01.Spiderman 1 & 2

five awesome drinks
05.Pina Coladas
04.Strawbeery daquires
02.Orange Juice

four things your wear every day
04.a bra unless I don't need one
03.a thong
01.a belly button ring

Three things that annoy you
03.having o wait for something
02.being bored and alone
01.being thirsty

two favorite shows
02.The O.C
01.Laguna Beach

one person you'll love forever

it is real

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