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hayy cupake!

omg Laura was additioning for this play peterpan and she didnt want to go audition byherself so I said id go and just watch but they casted me as little john some character that is robin's friend! ahh and I have to go practice this stupoid thing but ahahahaha laura has to too because she is assitant director! but anyways now I gotta be in that play saturaday night at 7 pm and sunday at 11am and 2 pm but at the end im goign to be like what?? ookay! yeah! like da rapper and they cant do anythign to me because it wil be too late hehe. I am so bored rigt now ! I miss Brandon too! I havent head from him in a whiile it sucks! well I love you guys all so much! call me sometime ! 5 2 6 - 3 5 4 2 or 1 6 1 * 1 9 6 8 3 5 * 2 ! ex ohh ex ohh <3 Bri
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