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funn funn

sorry I havent updated in a while.
well sunday night I went to Laura tadros and we went to sonic and it as so funny laura hit the button and the girl said hello im amanda can i like tke your order so laura was like yahh can i have like 2 jr banana splits but she kept cracking up so she couldnt finish her sentence nad then the girl was like press the button when your ready and me jayma nad laura h. and laura t were all like were ready idk you had to be there then we went to st. pete to her cousins i think idk and then we woke up early monday morning to go to adventure islands and we stayed there till like 7 we meet up with caleb and william there. We stayed in the lazy river like all day though and they took off my bikini top like 3 times and were throwing it back and forth but they gave it back lol then we went to stormans it was fun but it was supeer hot in there.. after that we went back to laura t.s and chilled till like 4 when me and jayma went to sleep but laura h went to sleep at like 2 uughh .. the next morning we woke up and went to laura h's were i slept like all day then went home aat like 6:30.. now it's today and im supeer bored with nothing to do!! well I want to go to stormans again that was fun!! nothing much else to say ill update later.. by the way I got burnt on my shoulders, back and facce and it hurts like a bitch!! call me sometime!
x o ily <3 Bri
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