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i hate the orthodontics

okay i so hate the orthodontics because I went there today and now they said again they don't know when ill get my braces off beecause they are still closing up to spaces and uugghh they firstsaid they will only be on for 2 years its been 3 and then they said they will be off by febuary of last year they said that and then they said well have them off before school starts this year ahh and they wont and im very irratated with them!! I went and saw my sister Stephine's newborn baby girl Makayla she is so freakin cute you wouldn't believe!! and I tried to ide a skateboard and sadly failed I couldn't even go 2 feet without falling off lol my 5 year old nephew can skate way better than me that's pretty sad hehe well again I am updating because I was reminded by the wonderful Jayma she freakin rocks! lol well I am going to the Brandon mall tomorrow and Idk what I am doing tomorrow night!! hopefully somethign fun so people call me!!
and that's about it I also am almost done with all my summer assingments yay! well I don't have much more to add! I love Brandon so much and miss him a ton!! he seriously means the world to me!
x o ilysfm <3 Brianna Lyn
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