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  • Today: Stayed home did much of nothing except work on summer assingments and sat at home hoping to be called or imed or emailed by anyone, went to beach and went out to eat w/ my Grandma and Uncle Mike, I am now sitting at home now hoping somebody will either call me or get online and im me!! LI>


  • Tomorrow: Finish Summer assingments, work out maybe or tan or something, then go to Open house @ Southeast a lil layterr, come home and get online I guess!


  • Tuesday: Still open I am not sure what I am doing call me if you want to hang out!!


  • Wednesday: Same as above


  • Thursday: Same as above


  • Friday: Same as above


  • Saturday: Same as above


  • Sunday: same as above
By the way I had to edit this entry so I wouldnt look as much as an idiot lol cyndi is the best ever!! I love her so much hehe she always saves me from feeling bad!!

I may ride my horse sometime this week I do not know yet!! it all depends on you and if you want to hang out so let me know!!

If you would like to contact me my number is 5 2 6 - 3 5 4 2 or 1 6 1 * 1 9 6 8 3 5 * 2 my s/n is xxsexiibrexx and email is,, another s/n to im is x0falling fast0x those are zero's not o's!! you should already know all this but if some some reason you have lost the information or something here it is!! My week is pretty much open and I strongly feel we should hang out!! I love you!!
x o ily <3 Bri

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