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today house tonight!! i get to see ali!! shes awesome!!

Hello gorgeous one;;
today I woke up @ 1 oclock. I got online for a bit. Then @ about 2:30 3o clock I went and toke a relaxing bath. I then took a refreashing shower haha I sound so grown up and then went and got online some more. It is now 4:09 and I am going to work on my summer assingments which are almost completed. @ around 5 I will turn on the t.v to watch Gilmore girls and smallville. Afterwards and during commericals I will be getting ready for Open house @ which I will see my new school (highschool) yay! and then see one awesomr person Ali and maybe get my schedule I do not know what they have planned. After open house I plan on going to Sonic to get a cherry/chocolate shake mm I invented it and it is rather intriging hehe. When I finally return home I will Get online for a bit. Then @ 8 o clock I will watch the new Wildfire episode and @ 10 I will watch the New Laguna Beach Episode. I will remain signed online until I feel I need some sleep. My phone will be and is on me @ all times! I hope you decide to call me, even if just to show some love. However, keep in mind my week is empty, If you wold wish to fill a slot in my ohh so busy schedule haha just let me know! Well, I am updateing because one lovely person, Jayma, reminded me isnt she wonderful!! I will be going now since there is not much more to update. I love you cupcake!
I love Brandon!

x o
<3 Bri
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